Cooper Shea

I am happy to post that I am recording once again with some very good friends. Recently I got a call from London by guitarist D.H.Cooper. We are recording a new CD titled “Partners In Time”. Some tracks will also feature Herman Rarebell ex-Scorpions on drums and Pete French ex-Cactus on vocals.
We have completed the music to ten tracks and I`m very excited about the sounds we are getting. We are fortunate to have a second shot at making music together, after our initial time together was cut short a long time ago by forces beyond our control…
To listen to some of the new songs and browse for a new guitar, please click on our good friend David Pym`s Vintage Guitar site. The C.D. will soon be available on I Tunes.

NEW ENGLAND will be headling The Regent Theater in Arlington Mass. August 15 2014. We will be playing a full set of our catalouge. Here is a clip from our last show at The Royale Theater a few months ago.

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