The Warrior Story

In the spring of 1982 New England was writing and rehearsing for their fourth album at their studio in Braintree Mass. They had made arrangements with Todd Rundgren to return and record with him at his Utopia Sound Studios in Woodstock Ny. Without warning, guitarist John Fannon announced that he was leaving the band for personal reasons.

New England immediately began looking for his replacement and got positive feedback from guitarists Charlie Huhn (Ted Nugent), Mike Slamer (City Boy ), and Cary Sharaf, (Billy Squier), among others.

Gene Simmons called to say they should check out a guitarist named Vinnie Cusano, who had made their very short list to replace Ace Frehley and was co-writing with Kiss in Los Angeles. Gene told the band Vinnie was hot, but too short to be in Kiss. Vinnie sent a tape to New England and the band loved the material. When Vinnie flew to Boston to play with the band it was decided that they merge into a whole new group with the working title of Goliath or Warrior.

Choosing the name Warrior the members of New England set off for Los Angeles and began rehearsing with Vinnie at S.I.R. Studios on Sunset Blvd. They rehearsed in the day and Vinnie worked with Kiss at night, at The Record Plant. Songs such as "I Love It Loud" and" Boys Are Gonna Rock" were discussed as to whether or not to keep them for the band or sell the songs to Kiss. A demo tape was recorded of the new material at the Record Plant.

At this time it was decided by Kiss to offer Vinnie the position of lead guitarist for their band, with a name change to Vinnie Vincent. The band parted as friends, with Shea and Waldo forming the group Alcatrazz and Gardner returning to Massachusetts to produce and play with Barry Goodreau (Boston).

Many of the songs Warrior worked on appeared three years later when Vinnie Vincent was sacked from Kiss and started his own band, Vinnie Vincent`s Invasion.

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